Art isn’t meant to have stylistic boundaries, but sometimes it helps to classify styles for comparative reference and studies. So I’ve put some of my recent work into these categories but will be rearranging it in the future.


Ignorant style tattoos are typically all black lines without too much detail, look like sketchy doodles, and are usually funny or ironic.

Old School

Old School tattoos have bold black outlines, use a limited color palette, and follow military and sailer motifs.

New School

New School is similar to Old School but uses vivid colors, more shading, and no limits on the motifs.


Realism tattoos cover a wide range of topics and techniques but the main goal is to look as close to photorealistic as possible.


Temporary tattoos (using Jagua, Henna, or Inkbox) are typically monotone and need slightly thicker lines and shading can be difficult.

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